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Imperial consults with businesses, communities, and educators to solve diverse skilled talent issues. We assist businesses in forming and implementing strategic workforce planning. Imperial re-energizes public-private partnerships through Regional Talent Innovation Networks (RETAINs) which act as intermediaries reconnecting the employment pipeline between workers/students and jobs/careers.

While others just talk about the skills-job crisis, Imperial is providing answers with over 40 years of experience. We use interdisciplinary solutions targeted specifically for business, communities, and education. We have served more than 300 clients.

Browse Imperial's website for the latest information on our many consulting services. We support them with an expert consulting team, a range of notable best-practice publications, outstanding keynote presentations, briefings and workshops, cutting-edge research, and so much more!


Future Jobs Future Jobs
A growing job-skills disconnect finds people without jobs and jobs without people. Regional Talent Innovation Networks (RETAINs) as public-private partnerships are rebuilding the education-to-employment system reconnecting the talent pipeline of students/workers to skilled jobs.
The Talent Hunters The Talent Hunters
In the midst of an ongoing unemployment crisis, businesses in all sectors are reporting increasing difficulties in recruiting skilled talent.  A new White Paper, The Talent Hunters, explores the talent battle among the world’s three largest workforces, the United States, China and India, and why past strategies are becoming obsolete.
Winning the Global Talent Showdown Winning the Global Talent Showdown
Explores how from 2010 to 2020 demographics will exacerbate talent shortages in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Offers practical, common-sense strategic workforce planning solutions to businesses, communities, and educational entities on creating and filling jobs.
The Gordon Report The Gordon Report
See Ed Gordon's perspectives on current workforce issues. Keep up-to-date on trends reshaping the U.S.and global economic climate.